As part of our drive to return 61264 to operational condition by December 2027 (her 80th birthday), the loco needs new tyres on all her wheels, so we invite you to help us fund this by participating in our Wheel Deal.

Steam locomotives have tyres just like road vehicles do, except they are made from steel rather than rubber. They wear out over time and eventually have to be replaced.

The tyres themselves are rolled in Germany and cost around £47k. Having them fitted will set us back a further £73k (based on April 2023 prices) but this could increase by the time we come to do the job.

To help us cover the costs, you are invited to sponsor a portion or multiple portions (sixteenths) of a driving wheel, or a bogie/tender wheel, either making a one-off payment or spreading the cost over 12, 24 or 36 months depending on budget.

The table below presents the prices of each option, please click on the relevant price and you will be taken to our online shop to complete the purchase:

One Off

12 Monthly Payments

24 Monthly Payments

36 Monthly Payments

Level of free membership

1/16th of a Driving wheel

Silver for 3 years

1/16th of a Bogie/Tender wheel

Silver for 3 years

In exchange, sponsors will get:

  • A certificate acknowledging their participation in the Wheel Deal.
  • Inscription of their name on a special ‘Wheel of Honour’.
  • One complimentary ticket (per 1/16th sponsored) for a ride on the first train on a heritage railway hauled by 61264 upon completion of overhaul.
  • Free Silver membership of the Thompson B1 Locomotive Trust for 3 years. For more details of what you get for Silver membership, please visit our Membership page.